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What to Expect

What to Expect

What to Expect

Here, you'll find links to great resources we trust. Like the early believers in Berea, we encourage you to "examine the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so." (Acts 17:11) Good books point people to God and help us know God and his word better.


Good Books

How to Study The Bible:

How to Study the Bible - Macarthur

Reasons We Believe - Busenitz

Basic Bible Interpretation - Roy B. Zuck



Amy Carmichael: Beauty For Ashes – Iain Murray

The Autobiography of George Muller – George Muller

The 40 Most Influential Christians – Daryl Aaron


Church Members

Nine Marks of a Healthy Church – Dever

The Compelling Community – Dever, Dunlop

Worship: The Ultimate Priority – MacArthur

Church Discipline – Leeman

Church Membership – Leeman

Expositional Preaching – David R. Helm

Sound Doctrine – Bobby Jamieson

Found: God’s Will – MacArthur

The Master’s Plan for the Church – MacArthur

Ashamed of the Gospel - MacArthur



The Christian Counselor’s Manual – Jay Adams

Competent to Counsel – Jay Adams

How People Change – Timothy Lane and Paul David Tripp

Anger & Stress Management God’s Way – Wayne Mack

Depression – Ed T. Welch

Counseling - MacArthur



Discipling – 9Marks – Dever


Elders, Deacons & Servant Leadership

Church Elders – Jeramie Rinne

Biblical Eldership – Alexandar Strauch

The Conviction to Lead – Al Mohler

The Shepherd Leader – Timothy Witmer


Pastor’s Library Series:

Pastoral Ministry, Preaching, Evangelism, Counseling – MacArthur


End Times

Premillennialism – Vlach

The Church In God’s Program – Robert Saucy

Has The Church Replaced Israel? – Michael J. Vlach

Understanding End Times Prophecy – Paul Benware

Because the Time is Near - MacArthur



Jesus the Evangelist – Richard D. Phillips

Evangelism – J. Mack Stiles



The Home Team – Clint Archer

The Fulfilled Family – MacArthur

What the Bible Says About Parenting – MacArthur

Your Child’s Profession of Faith – Gundersen

Shepherding a Child’s Heart – Tripp

Teach Them Diligently – Priolo

Disciplines of a Godly Family – R. Kent Hughes

Raising Children God’s Way – D. Martin Lloyd-Jones



Being a Dad Who Leads - MacArthur

The Shepherd Leader at Home – Timothy Witmer



The Glory of Heaven – MacArthur



The Facts on Halloween – Ankerberg


Jesus, Gospel, Salvation

Who Is Jesus – Greg Gilbert

The Gospel – Raymond C. Ortlund Jr.

What Is the Gospel? – Greg Gilbert

One Perfect Life – MacArthur

Slave - MacArthur



When Sinners Say “I Do” – Dave Harvey


New Believers

Welcome to the Family – MacArthur

Understanding Baptism – Bobby Jamieson



The Hour that Changes the World – Dick Eastman

It Happens After Prayer - H.B. Charles 


Spiritual Gifts

Strange Fire - MacArthur