What to Expect

What to Expect

What to Expect

Building Progress

Building Location: 205 N Maple Ave, Purcellville


Update October 11

We have submitted paperwork to Loudoun County and the town of Purcellville for our building permit. Please pray for the approval to come in the Lord's timing.


Update, Sept 21

  • Our Architect has brought back initial plans. We will be engaging builders this next week, Lord willing.
  • The church signs were approved this week. One on the building and one by N. Maple. Production is under way.
  • The A/V team is developing a plan for installation and equipment. A few tests have already been done.
  • The storage unit has been cleared out - only a few items remain.
  • Please keep praying for the success of the work and the glory of God.
  • New Church chairs have been ordered!


3D Mockup of the space - colors and designs are place holders  - this is mostly to get an idea of the layout of the space. it is to scale.

3d layout 1



Ways to help

1. Pray daily for God's blessing on our church and for the process to honor him.

2. Volunteer by emailing djordan@gracebibleva.org (for now): Check the Teams below.


Current Team Goals

All: Visit the space and begin planning the first week of Sept.

Audio / Video Planning: Steve Pappas, Jim Washburne, John Austin, Matt Libby

Outreach Media: Joanna Pearson, Luke Genter, Amanda Josserand, Kester & Amy Garcia (Web, Photos, Graphic Design, Car Magnets etc.)

  • Need to come up with a comprehensive media plan and associated costs

Coordinate with Architect: Elders 

Wireless Internet Installation: Scott Walker

  • A possibility to share with the Daycare has come up.

Evangelism: Susie Pappas, Adam Josserand

Celebration Event Planning: Susan Judy 

General Volunteers: Painting, Cleaning, Moving In: Luke Genter, Emily Walker, Sheryl Tanneau, Brian and Valarie DiCarlo

Wooden Stage Background Design: Tim Pearson

Prayer Team: Carl & Donna Knutson, Ann & Dave, Sheryl Tanneau, Matt & Sarah Libby, Steve & Susie Pappas, Valarie DiCarlo, Ed & Jo Anne Jordan, Susan Judy, Robin Wiles (as many as possible)

  • Pray daily for the glory of Christ through the people of GBC and the success of the teams